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About us

Guangdong zhenghe Machinery Co., Ltd,  is located in Zhanjiang City, Guangdong, China.

Enterprises rely on new technologies, new processes and new products to develop.

The manufacturing of the equipment is strictly implemented in accordance with national manufacturing standards. In order to improve the quality of products, the main components, motors, gearboxes, electrical appliances, bearings, seals and other purchased parts are imported or domestic high-quality brands. The company's processing equipment includes CNC gantry boring and milling, automatic cutting and forming machines, shot peening and spray paint production lines, and heat treatment production lines. The average technical level of the company's employees is 6, and the installation and after-sales service team is good to meet the various needs of various customers.


Address: No. 53, Kangning Road, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province
Email: gdzh6666@163.com
Mobile: 13828211689
Phone: 0759-3363353
Fax: 0759-3363353
General Manager: Qiu Kunhua 13828211689
Technical Director: Lin Haixiong 13652844854